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Muara Badak People Joined VICO Indonesia Casual and Leisure Walk

Sunday, July 23, 2017

SKK Migas - VICO Indonesia in cooperation with the Muara Badak District Government held a casual and leisure walk on Sunday, July 23, 2017. This activity was attended by thousands of participants from all elements from the community, ranging from children, adults and also company‚Äôs employees  who participated in this activity.


This casual and leisure activity was inaugurated by the secretary of Muara Badak sub-district, Syamsuddin Bima who was accompanied by Deputy VP Operation of VICO Indonesia Nanang Wasis. This casual and leisure walking route around the VICO Badak Camp, starts from Gate 2 and ends at lapangan Mutiara`83.


SKK Migas - VICO Indonesia expressed gratitude and great appreciation to all the people who have participated in this activity, and especially to the District Government of Muara Badak who has supported this event. Besides exercising this casual and leisure activities, through this event is also expected to maintain our good relationship between management VICO Indonesia, local community and local government. The event was getting more lively  when it comes to the cultural performance and entertainment.

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