Our environmental commitment extends beyond compliance and we are committed to protecting the environment that we share. We implement high environmental standards in order to ensure that our actions today will provide energy, whilst at the same time minimizing the negative impact to the environment.

We conduct initiatives to support our commitment by implementing:

• Waste Water Management
• GHG Management
• Biodiversity Program
• Waste Management

Waste Water Management


VICO Indonesia commits to manage waste water and makes improvements to reach zero discharge. More...

GHG Management


VICO Indonesia committed to conduct Green House Gasses (GHG) managment in its operational activities. More...

Biodiversity Program


VICO Indonesia committed to minimize the environmental impact from its operations and support for biodiversity programs that compliment its environmental protection program. More...

Waste Management


VICO Indonesia uses the hierarchy principal of waste management which based on the simple priority which is to eliminate waste, reduce the cause of the waste, then reuse or recycle, and as the last option is to safely remove the waste. More...

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