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VICO Indonesia realizes that long-term relationships, built based on trust and common interest, are vital to the success of the company's business.

The company's commitment is to have an active and consistent approach to managing social problems, as well as ensuring that the operation of the project runs smoothly, with the support of the community. This approach is based on the mutual assistance principle, a strong tradition that is rooted in Indonesian society. VICO Indonesia is committed to creating a conducive and safe environment in our operational area.

The basic principles of our Community Development Programs are to:

Develop an effective communication program with stakeholders
Perform activities that are mutually beneficial with contractors
Respect and highly regard human rights
Create programs that are mutually approved, transparent and to monitor their implementation
Avoid awarding donations in cash
Give priority to programs that aim to improve economic welfare and education in the community
Ensure the program is accountable and in line with regulations, as well as to monitor the program through performance indicators and clear reporting.

The implementation of Community Development Programs has the main purpose of helping societies around VICO Indonesia's operational area, especially regarding economic improvements. Thus, local communities will receive real benefits from VICO Indonesia. Community development programs include development of education, culture, the local economy, health, environment, and public facilities.

We expect that the Community Development Programs which support the Operations, Government Relations and Community Relations implemented by the Company, will improve community welfare in VICO Indonesia's operational area.



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