Every worker has the right to have a safe and healthy workplace. Therefore, VICO Indonesia enforces the highest standard of personnel safety and health, as reflected in our HSE goals. VICO Indonesia applies a safe system of work by embedding:

• 3 Safety Golden Rules
• 8 Safety Standard Practices

These rules and practices prevent the occurrence of personnel being injured while doing his/her task. We regulate our contractors to ensure that they comply to the same safety standards as VICO Indonesia. One of the examples of this is our requirement that contractors implement a standard procedure for internal lifting. The procedure can be downloaded here.

We have also established 2 tools to observe personnel behavior at work using Safety Training Observation Program (STOP) and Safety Conversation Card (SCC) that is deemed to help all employees engage in safe behaviours more reliably, and creates a safety partnership between management and employees that continually focus on daily safety behaviour.

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