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VICO, who owns the Sanga Sanga Conventional Gas PSC, secured the CBM PSC, which covers the same area as the conventional PSC, in November 2009. The PSC is valid until 2039. Coal Bed Methane is a clean energy which is one of the countries' most promised unconventional gases and will help to address Indonesia's future energy needs.

Since the signing of CBM Sanga Sanga PSC in 2009, VICO commenced an extensive appraisal program in 2010. Since then VICO has a completed a large work program to explore the CBM potentials. The Mutiara field was found to be the preferred target pilot area in the CBM appraisal program, as it appeared to have good potential, both technically and infrastructural. To date, sixteen new CBM wells have been drilled in the VICO area. In addition, two ex-conventional wells were converted to CBM wells in 2010. From those eighteen wells, there are sixteen wells at dewatering period, while nine wells have produced gas during this period. Plans are in place to drill potential developments in 2015.

The Company's commitment to realizing the government goal of launching CBM gas to electricity was met in April 2013 when VICO Indonesia delivered gas production from CBM wells to PLN Generating Facilities in Mutiara. This is the first time in Indonesia that any CBM facilities have produced and sold gas, which also represents a major milestone in the exploration of CBM potential.

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