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VICO Indonesia operates the Sanga Sanga Onshore Production Sharing Contract (PSC) in East Kalimantan. The initial PSC was awarded in August 1968 and a 20 year license extension was granted in April 1990 to take effect from August 1998.

In 2001 ENI entered the Sanga Sanga PSC through the acquisition of LASMO, and PT. SAKA Energi Indonesia in 2016 through the acquisition of BP, with each company holding a 50% interest in the joint venture and a 37.8% working interest in the license. Additional partners are OPIC Oil (a Houston based subsidiary of Taiwan's CPC) with 20% and Universe Oil & Gas (a Japanese consortium including Japex and the Osaka Gas Group) with 4.4% working interest.

VICO has five main roles in its operations



Badak, the first gas field discovered in 1972 in East Kalimantan, is situated close to the mouth of the Mahakam River. More...



Nilam, the discovery well, was spud in July 1974 and found the giant gas reservoir which initiated the development of Nilam field. More...



Semberah Field was discovered in January 1974 and is located in the northern-most area of the PSC. More...



Mutiara field which was discovered in 1974 consists of three accumulations which are located in the southern portion of the Sanga-Sanga Production Sharing Contract area. More...



The Sanga Sanga block currently deliver gas feed to the Bontang LNG Plant in Kalimantan, one of the world's largest LNG Plants (15 million tons of LNG in 2011), from where it is shipped to buyers in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. More...

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