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The 5th International Indonesia CBM 2014

The 5th International Indonesia CBM (IndoCBM) 2014 was held in Jakarta Convention Center at 25 – 27 March 2014. The event started with a Business Forum and followed with conference and exhibition... new

VICO's Participation at APOGCE 2013

A group of students of Palawan University, Phillipines stopped by at VICO's booth and observed the miniature of  Hugo Rig installed at the booth. Exposed with small lights around, the miniature...

VICO, the Second Best Contributor for PMI Samarinda

VICO Indonesia this year again received an award from Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) Samarinda. This award was given due to VICO managed to collect as many as 830 units of blood during the year 2013,...

Maintaining Oil and Gas Transportation from Senipah to Bontang

Piping in the oil and gas industry has become an option in delivering the natural resources (oil and gas) to the shelter or consumers. This pipeline system is believed to be more effective and...

VICO to Cooperate with USEPA in Environmental Enhancement

In order to enhance VICO’s performance on the environmental aspect in the operational activities, VICO Indonesia held the cooperation with US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). The aim of this...

VICO, The Best Gas Company of The Year 2013

VICO receive the prestigious award as The Best Gas Company of the Year 2013 in Indonesia by the Wildcat International. The ceremony was held in Ritz Carlton Jakarta on Monday, 25 March 2013. VICO...

VICO Values

Our Community Program

"VICO Indonesia realizes that long-term relationships built based on trust and common interest is vital to the success of the company's business. The company's commitment is to have an active and consistent approach in managing social problems as well as ensuring that the operation went smoothly with the support of the community."


VICO Indonesia
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